About Us

Our clients include anyone striving to set themselves up for financial success.  We provide financial advice for all stages of life.  If you are thinking about buying your first home, beginning to invest to build your portfolio, funding your children’s education or planning for retirement, we can guide you through the process with proven strategies that get you the best results.

We spend considerable time learning about YOU and what you need and want for your future. Then we develop a comprehensive plan that gets you to your goals.  This plan is regularly updated to stay in line with your changing goals and circumstances.

Our goal is to help you understand how your money is invested, how to get the best results and how to have confidence in your financial decisions. We help you take control of your financial future.

The best time to start your financial plan is RIGHT NOW.  The sooner you get started the longer you have to get your money working for you.

Why you need an Authorised Financial Planning Company

In Australia our financial planners are governed by Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).  Anthony is an Authorised Financial Planner ASIC #1242381. His education and credentials will give you peace of mind and the backing of many years of experience in the market.

At Intertek our vision is to give our clients the enthusiasm and security to chase and manifest their dreams.  In essence we help people make smart decisions with their money.